About Sound Zero™

There is a design solution to the difficult problem of highway noise.

Facade Technology solves the complex challenges of noise abatement by meeting the highest standards in acoustical performance, without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.  Facade Technology offers several noise barrier options to provide the acoustical performance, structural integrity and architectural requirements on your project.

The SOUND ZERO™ system is a composite, lightweight acoustical barrier system that offers the optimum in noise abatement technology.  Sound Zero has met the most demanding structural, aesthetic and acoustical requirements.  Sound Zero is unsurpassed when “Life Safety” is an issue, at 8-12 psf., and boasting an internal restraint system, SOUND ZERO™ protects both the community and traffic.  SOUND ZERO™ panels are made “full height” (i.e. not stacked) to provide a seamless noise barrier.

Unlike conventional noise barrier panels, SOUND ZERO™ panels incorporate a continuous structural steel diaphragm to satisfy loading and attachment requirements with the least amount of weight.  The continuous core also accommodates a wide variety of aesthetic and/or acoustical treatments.  The passive restraint system is connected directly to the core, on the community side, providing a truly effective restraint system in the event of an accident.

The ULTRASCREEN™ sight & sound barrier is a stackable wall system, designed for use along highways to provide noise abatement and visual privacy in residential areas. The ULTRASCREEN™ noise barrier system provides a cost competitive alternate to conventional noise wall materials, with unlimited aesthetic and architectural finishes.

Facade Technology is your professional resource for responsible noise abatement.