Sound Zero™

The Sound Zero™ system is a composite, lightweight acoustical barrier system that offers the optimum in noise abatement technology. Sound Zero™ panels are made “full height” (i.e. not stacked) to provide a seamless noise barrier. Our panels meet the most demanding structural, aesthetic and acoustical requirements. Sound Zero™ barriers are lightweight, approximately 8 pounds/sq. foot, making them the perfect solution for installations on existing structures not designed to support much heavier conventional barriers.

Sound Zero™ is unsurpassed when “Life Safety” is an issue, at 8-12psf, and boasting an internal safety restraint system, Sound Zero™ protects both the community and traffic. Unlike conventional noise barrier panels, Sound Zero™ panels incorporate a continuous structural steel diaphragm to satisfy loading and attachment requirements with the least amount of weight. The passive restraint system is connected directly to the continuous core, on the community side, providing a truly effective restraint system in the event of an accident. This integral safety rigging is engineered into the panels for an extra measure of safety where impact considerations must be taken into account.

Because Sound Zero™ panels are fabricated and not molded, over 130 colors, 4 textures, 3 dimensional shapes and graphics can be easily incorporated into any design. These changes can be made panel to panel, structure to structure or community to community with little impact to the overall budget. Unlimited color, texture and design flexibility assures architectural integrity with the surrounding community. Sound Zero™ barriers are custom made for every installation, with full wall height fabrication and thickness from 3.5 to 8 inches.

Sound Zero™ is the design solution for responsible noise abatement.