The ULTRASCREEN sight and sound barrier is a stackable wall system, designed for use along highways to provide noise abatement and visual privacy in residential areas. THE ULTRASCREEN noise barrier system provides a cost competitive alternate to conventional noise wall materials, with unlimited aesthetic and architectural finishes.

ULTRASCREEN panels consist of and EPS foam core with DUROCK cement board laminated to both sides. The panel may also contain a steel strip reinforcement sandwiched between the cement board and the EPS. By varying panel thickness, the steel reinforcement or the number of layers of cement board, different wind load criteria can be achieved.

Standard ULTRASCREEN panels are 4 feet tall and 12 feet long, but can also be customized to meet specific project requirements. Panels are provided prefinished in a variety of colors and textures. ULTRASCREEN panels are designed to slide between steel or pre-cast concrete posts, and stacked to the required height. Panel edges interlock and are sealed. An aluminum or metal capping is placed over the top edge of the ULTRASCREEN panel to provide moisture resistance and create a clean, finished look.